A BBC article explained this week that there is a cheap and widely available ‘superfood’ we should be eating more of. It’s been shown to reduce the chances of heart attacks, strokes and other life-long diseases such as type-2 diabetes as well as keeping weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check.

Now, we don’t believe in ‘superfoods’ – healthy eating is about eating a range of nutritious foods –  but with 90% of us not getting enough of this lifesaving thing into our diets, there is a good reason to eat more of it.

What is it? Fibre. The researchers say we should be eating a minimum of 25g a day but most people around the world are eating less than 20g a day.

Read the full article to find out how you can incorporate more into your diet.

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  1. […] are also an excellent way to up your fibre intake, which most of us need to be doing. If you don’t have a food processor simply grate the carrot and apple and chop the […]



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