Many adult hands may make light work but if small and impatient hands are to be involved, you need a simple recipe with minimal ingredients (and opportunity for mess). This raspberry and coconut slice is a quick and easy snack that’s also lunchbox friendly. The kids can whisk the eggs, measure out the ingredients in […]

While the idea of Google/Siri/Alexa listening in on everyday conversations is kind of creepy, it would be interesting to know the top three phrases out of our kids’ mouths. The money is on ‘I’m hungry’, closely followed by ‘Stop it!’ and ‘I’m not tired.’ When you explain that they can’t possibly be hungry because they live […]

This is our go-to dessert in winter as it’s a guaranteed hit with adults and kids. We use bags of frozen berries when we’re out of time because no pre-cooking is required but you can also use strawberries, cooked apples, pears, rhubarb, quince or all of the above. The quickest way to make the crumble mixture […]

While we tend to opt for red wine and cheese over dessert, we never say no to a crumble if it’s on offer. This crowd-pleasing crumble recipe uses our Quick Stewed Rhubarb and frozen berries but you could use fresh instead of frozen berries (both are packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C) and substitute the […]

Despite looking cumbersome with all its leaves, rhubarb is very quick and easy to prepare and cook. You could use the stovetop for this recipe but we opt for the microwave because we’re lazy and forgetful at times. Add this deliciously tart rhubarb to an apple crumble or serve with greek yoghurt for a snack. […]

Super simple strawberry sauce in a glass jar

You know those strawberry sauces you can buy in bottles and they look so good but then you flip to the label and it’s usually about 90% sugar? Well, this is the cheats/healthy version. Eat it with a spoon or be more refined about it by using it as a muesli or yoghurt topping. You […]

These stewed winter apples are versatile and delicious. Keep them in the fridge and they’ll prove themselves handy throughout the day –  add to porridge or muesli in the morning, spoon over natural yoghurt as a snack or throw them in a fruit crumble with frozen blackberries or stewed rhubarb. Decrease the fuss factor even […]