As you have probably worked out, we are crazy about cauliflower and usually have a head of the stuff in the fridge. We see it as a fast food vegetable because it can quickly be turned into a meal without needing too much on the side – it’s delicious simply roasted in the oven, blitzed […]

We have made pumpkin soup so many times and it’s always a little different depending on what ingredients are on hand. The family declared this was the best iteration due to its creaminess and they’re a tough crowd to please, so we’re pretty confident that you’ll love it too. It’s an easy soup to prepare […]

A few things we always try and have stocked in the freezer are our bolognese sauce, chilli sin carne to put over rice or nachos, and this carrot, lentil and coconut soup. Though we love eating and talking about food, the nights we can’t be bothered cooking far outweigh the nights we can. Which is why […]

This soup made with leftover roast chicken, noodles, and vegetables has become a firm family favourite. The beauty of it, apart from the taste which seems to satisfy everyone, is that it’s super fast and easy to prepare. It’s versatile too. Given that we usually have carrot in the fridge and frozen corn kernels in […]

When the only fresh vegetables you have sitting in your fridge are a few carrots, you can still pull together a hearty and healthy meal with the help of some basic pantry items. Red lentils are an absolute necessity in the pantry (long shelf life, quick cooking time, versatile, great source of protein, fibre and […]

A warming and cosy winter soup that’s super easy to make. Inspired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingsall’s Parsnip and Ginger soup, we have added some sweet potato and upped the spice. Make this soup even speedier to prepare by opting for pre-minced garlic and ginger. You will need 1 tbsp olive oil 1 onion finely chopped […]

Wilkie's Chicken Soup in red bowl with spoon

Old people’s recipes are the best. They generally use a handful of basic ingredients and taste awesome, such as this classic chicken soup recipe handed down from an old person. Wilkie’s original recipe used rice, which you can try, but we prefer barley. It does cook for a few hours but prep time is quick […]

Pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot soup in bowl with toast on the side

Packed with orange vegetables, this soup makes a nutritious and warming winter lunch or dinner. If you don’t have the right quantities of the vegetables below, don’t stress. You just want around 1100g pumpkin/sweet potato/carrot for a thick and smooth soup. Up the curry powder if you like it spicy (this is a kid-friendly version). […]