We are big fans of meals where everything is plonked on the table for people to serve themselves. Not only does it keep things simple and give off good communal vibes, kids are keen to join in because they don’t like to miss out on things, particularly if it looks like a sibling may be […]

Those little jars of artichokes are so handy to keep in the fridge. We love them in salads, on their own, or in a thrown together lunch plate of boiled eggs with whatever dip, crackers/toast, vegetables, and pickles are on hand. This one-pan recipe uses not just the artichokes but their marinade too. It’s a […]

We don’t usually strive for fancy dinners midweek (or ever, if we’re being honest) but by throwing some pearl couscous into this warm vegetable salad, it did feel a little special and a much welcome departure from the norm of spaghetti bolognese and nachos. This quick and healthy salad is the perfect base for all […]

Yoghurt Sauce for Vegetables, Fish and Meat

Generally, we don’t pander to kids who want something in particular for dinner when it’s not going to suit the rest of the family. We firmly believe in pulling rank and enforcing the ‘everyone gets the same meal – if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it’ rule because life would be rather hellish if we didn’t. […]

We love a good fish stew. They’re quick, healthy, usually a one-pot affair, and are perfect for dinner parties because they satisfy pescatarians. This recipe is inspired by the Brazilian dish, moqueca, which sounds and tastes exotic but is super easy and uses everyday ingredients. You can stick to white fish (snapper or ling work […]

Greens get dressed up in this simple side dish. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre, leafy greens totally rock our world. We’ve used baby spinach but you could use other greens like endive or steamed broccoli. Currants can be replaced with raisins or golden sultanas and lemon can be used instead of orange zest. […]

Seafood, tomato and cannellini bean stew in a bowl served with bread and salad

This is the ultimate dinner party dish. Not only is it a crowd pleaser that has people requesting the recipe, but the sauce can be made earlier in the day. The original recipe from a friend used squid but we like a mixture of white fish and prawns. The cannellini beans make it a filling […]