A well-stocked pantry will always come to the rescue when your fridge contents aren’t working in your favour. Case in point are these ridiculously simple black beans, which bypass the need for fresh ingredients (onions don’t count because they last forever) but still result in a tasty and healthy meal. We usually serve them with […]

This is as quick as a ‘cook from scratch’ dinner gets (no we don’t make our own corn tacos EVER). We eat variations of this dish once a week because the kids LOVE it and it makes a change from the two other meals they love, spaghetti bolognese and beans on toast. We also use […]

Black beans are a pantry staple for us. Versatile, rich in resistant starch, good for your gut and an excellent source of zinc, what’s not to like? We love them cooked with cumin, smoked paprika and crushed tomatoes for a healthy fast food meal with tacos or simply added to a mexican style prawn stew […]

Vegetarian Burritos with Chilli Sin Carne

Chilli Sin Carne is the star of these vegetarian burritos. Plonk a bowl of it on a board alongside an array of tasting fillings like tomato, lettuce, avocado, corn, grated carrot, and cheese then wrap it up in the best quality wraps you can find (we like the corn ones). Freezes well and leftovers can […]