Those little jars of artichokes are so handy to keep in the fridge. We love them in salads, on their own, or in a thrown together lunch plate of boiled eggs with whatever dip, crackers/toast, vegetables, and pickles are on hand. This one-pan recipe uses not just the artichokes but their marinade too. It’s a […]

If you keep your pantry and fridge well-stocked with long-lasting items like ground spices, tinned tomatoes, onions, lentils, stock, and minced ginger and garlic, you only need to pick up a couple of easy to find fresh ingredients for this pumpkin and red lentil dhal. It’s another one-pot dish (less washing up!) and takes just 10 […]

This one-pot dish of lentils with lemon and herbs is a great example of how keeping canned tomatoes and lentils on hand turns into something extraordinary with the addition of a few fresh and dried ingredients. We managed to make multiple meals out of this – alongside white fish for dinner, with a fried egg […]

When the only fresh vegetables you have sitting in your fridge are a few carrots, you can still pull together a hearty and healthy meal with the help of some basic pantry items. Red lentils are an absolute necessity in the pantry (long shelf life, quick cooking time, versatile, great source of protein, fibre and […]