While the idea of Google/Siri/Alexa listening in on everyday conversations is kind of creepy, it would be interesting to know the top three phrases out of our kids’ mouths. The money is on ‘I’m hungry’, closely followed by ‘Stop it!’ and ‘I’m not tired.’ When you explain that they can’t possibly be hungry because they live […]

We’ve written before about how a well-stocked pantry is crucial when you need to pull a healthy meal together quickly. The same goes for the freezer, as we were reminded this week when rummaging around for anything that could bring a lonely head of cauliflower and few leftover herbs to life. Frozen broad beans were the […]

Pasta is fairly easy to get kids to eat but when something different to their regular tomato-based version comes along, they get judgy and suspicious. Here’s how talk about this spaghetti is likely to go down: Child: I don’t want to eat the green stuff You: OK Child: But there’s green stuff all through it […]

The key to cooking stress-free healthy food that tastes good is to keep your kitchen well stocked with versatile ingredients that have a decent shelf life. That way, your regular weekly shopping list only needs to include fresh stuff like fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and milk. Below are a few of our favourite ingredients that […]

We are big fans of Yotam Ottolenghi. His recipes from Plenty and Jerusalem have been on high rotation in our homes for years so when we heard about his new cookbook – Ottolenghi SIMPLE – of course, we had to get together to try some of the recipes. The dishes in this new book are all SIMPLE […]