Cast your mind back to childhood and your memory of brussel sprouts likely involves the unappetising, watery, overboiled version. Regularly topping ‘most hated vegetables’ lists, brussel sprouts have a bad reputation so it can be hard to convince your loved ones they should be eating them. Enter our easy one-pan recipe that will have even […]

If you like risotto but the idea of standing by a pot and ladling in hot stock every few minutes prevents you from making it, try our simple one-pot mushroom and leek version that requires limited stirring. Leeks are a handy vegetable to keep in the fridge. They last a couple of weeks and taste […]

We have made pumpkin soup so many times and it’s always a little different depending on what ingredients are on hand. The family declared this was the best iteration due to its creaminess and they’re a tough crowd to please, so we’re pretty confident that you’ll love it too. It’s an easy soup to prepare […]

We don’t usually strive for fancy dinners midweek (or ever, if we’re being honest) but by throwing some pearl couscous into this warm vegetable salad, it did feel a little special and a much welcome departure from the norm of spaghetti bolognese and nachos. This quick and healthy salad is the perfect base for all […]

This soup made with leftover roast chicken, noodles, and vegetables has become a firm family favourite. The beauty of it, apart from the taste which seems to satisfy everyone, is that it’s super fast and easy to prepare. It’s versatile too. Given that we usually have carrot in the fridge and frozen corn kernels in […]

Yoghurt Sauce for Vegetables, Fish and Meat

Generally, we don’t pander to kids who want something in particular for dinner when it’s not going to suit the rest of the family. We firmly believe in pulling rank and enforcing the ‘everyone gets the same meal – if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it’ rule because life would be rather hellish if we didn’t. […]

Frittatas are a quick, healthy and easy way to use up vegetables and herbs you have lying around. They also make excellent leftovers for breakfast, lunch or mid-morning snacks – this one travelled well to the beach the next day. If you don’t have a leek, a large brown onion is fine and goats cheese […]

What to do when the fridge is bare bar some lonesome veggies in the crisper? This happens to us all the time and our first reaction is to close the fridge and call for take out. But then we remember this warm and spicy brassica and chickpea salad, which is super easy and can be […]

Greens get dressed up in this simple side dish. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre, leafy greens totally rock our world. We’ve used baby spinach but you could use other greens like endive or steamed broccoli. Currants can be replaced with raisins or golden sultanas and lemon can be used instead of orange zest. […]

Family by Hetty McKinnon. New vegetable classics to comfort and nourish.

We are buying Hetty McKinnon’s new book, Family, for everyone we know. McKinnon is the creator of Arthur Street Kitchen and author of Community and Neighbourhood. Now, in Family, she shares her approach to uncomplicated, hearty and healthy food that is powered by vegetables. It’s the kind of book you vow to work your way through from beginning […]